Drunk driving is a serious crime. If facing license suspension, fines, and jail for drinking and driving; please call an attorney immediately.

Criminal Defense

Representing clients in a wide range of criminal defense, felony and misdemeanor cases. Andrew is dedicated to defending the rights of people in these difficult situations.


Failing to handle traffic violations in a timely manner can result is serious consequences. Andrew can fight these to reduce the penalties in a timely manner.

Wills, Trusts, Probate, & Estate Planning

Andrew can help you determine if a will, or other estate planning devices are appropriate to help manage your assets and estate.

NFA Gun Trusts

You have a Federal and State right to own firearms, if you so choose. Do not let paperwork and confusing laws and regulations stand in your way! Andrew can walk you through each and every requirement of NFA registration.

Oil & Gas

Andrew can negotiate and draft oil & gas leases, easements, documents, and contracts for mineral owners and small E&P Companies.

Your Katy, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

Andrew Gilfillan is ready to put his experience, knowledge and skill into your case. Serving Katy, TX.

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